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Miss Polly's Fishfinger Butty

One of my absolute favourite dishes on the menu is Miss Polly’s famous fishfinger butty. When setting up the café, a lot of time was spent finding suppliers who support our ethos of shopping local and who also share our passion for high quality produce that is as fresh as possible. Not everyone may realise that our delicious fishfingers are homemade right here in the Riverside kitchen so sourcing the highest quality fish was absolutely essential for us. During our search, we came across Daily Fish Supplies. With over 30 years’ experience in supplying fish to the catering industry, they truly understood our need for absolute freshness and quality. Every fish they deliver is fully traceable from the moment it is caught to being used in our kitchen. With the ability to order on a daily basis, we can ensure that the fish we produce for you, our guests, is the freshest it can be.

Once our fish is delivered, our team of talented chefs begin the process of turning the fresh fillets into our delectable fishfingers. As the sun comes up and while most of us are still snuggled in our beds, our chefs are already in the kitchen and are busily completing their mise en place. Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means “putting in place” or “everything in its place”. This prep process is done daily to ensure that everything is ready and prepared for when your order comes through.

So back to the fishfingers! To begin with, each fillet of fish is carefully and precisely cut into individual fingers. Next, the individual fingers are given a light coating of plain flour. This is , then in egg wash and then lastly in panko breadcrumbs. Panko breadcrumbs are made from a Japanese style white bread without the crusts. This results in a lighter and airier crumb that absorbs less oil and stays crispier for longer than traditional breadcrumbs. Each butty is then cooked to order, meaning that your fishfingers are only cooked once your order is placed. Three of our delicious fishfingers are then placed in a light and soft butty, sourced from our chosen baker, Frankonia (but that is another story!). Our homemade tangy tartar sauce, a secret recipe, is then added along with some crisp baby gem lettuce leaves and voila, your butty is ready to be served!

Everything that we do in the Miss Polly Kitchen is made with love and thought. Every aspect of our menu has been painstakingly tried and tested by our team of talented chefs and only the dishes that we personally love and feel that you will love are added to the menu.

Visit us at Miss Polly Riverside, East Molesey Cricket Club, East Molesey KT89AL

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